Benefits of hiring contractors

Fast Impact

Contractors are able to get to work right away and offer quick fixes.

Short notice periods

Performing urgent work on a project? Contractors are able to begin as early as tomorrow.

Financial savings

In the long run, hiring contractors will save you money and be beneficial to your bottom line.

Trial new roles

Without committing for the long term, you can test out a prospective permanent position.


What impact is covid19 having on coworkers?

Many businesses are suspending their permanent recruitment processes as a result of the business uncertainties caused by COVID-19. A more common method of task management that nevertheless allows for flexibility in response to shifting market conditions is hiring contractors. Naturally, the effect of COVID-19 differs significantly amongst organisations and industries and will grow with time.

How will hiring contractors benefit my bottom line?

When compared to a permanent position, the hourly pay for hiring contractors may appear to be higher, but there are other considerations to evaluate, such as flexibility and employee perks. Contracting offers more flexibility in this area, making it potentially a more cost-effective move in the long term.

How do I pay my contarctors?

We provide a specialised payroll service to ensure that your contractors are paid promptly and correctly while also lessening the administrative strain on your company.

How will contractors fit into my graduation?

Contractors improve your company's performance without posing significant risks and taking care of headcount-related expenses and problems. They can be employed to assist with extra work during peak times as well as to cover the holidays, project-based, parental, and other leaves of absence for permanent employees. Additionally, they assist in keeping up daily activities while you look for candidates for permanent positions.

What are the potential disadvantages of hiring contractors?

Short-term jobs are frequently assigned to contractors. Consequently, incorporating business culture could be more difficult. Additionally, because some contractors serve multiple clients concurrently, it could be more difficult to keep their services over time.

Why hire contractors with aspire square?

Aspire Square is a member of PageGroup, a top global provider of staffing services with 141 locations across 36 nations. Our specialised advisors will find the best people, whether you need specialists for project work or workers to fill busy times. Our personnel pool for contract labour is highly skilled and prepared to start working for your company right now. In some circumstances, we even provide same-day turnaround options. You may concentrate on managing your company's day-to-day operations while our advisors handle the full recruitment process.
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